Character Description Practice [Sicks]

So my friend, Ren Arni, asked me one time how I would describe this character and I thought that this sort of thing would be a great writing exercise XD

Character: Sicks from Nogami Neuro

PoV: A sarcastic BFF seeing her friend’s new crush/lover for the first time (and not really liking him)

Image from Zerochan

He has hair as dark as the sap of a black poison-wood tree and stringy as a Chinese take-out noodle. The sight of his paper-white skin could make even Snow White green with envy. His elongated face tapered to a pointy chin spritzed with dark, wiry hair, not unlike what one would find in their nether regions. He had the build of someone who spends all their waking moments at a posh gym.

It was very yummy.

But the most interesting feature of all were his eyes. So dark and shadowed…mysterious, deeply entrenched into his face like the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He is a handsome specimen indeed, if one prefers the aesthetics of 2-day old corpse. But what the hell? To each their own, I suppose.


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