What is it?

It’s Rona’s personal blog meant to curb her boredom. It is a hobby– a time-consuming one. Yet admittedly, she’s willing to lose a few hours of sleep over it.

What will it contain?

Since it is Rona’s personal blog, it will contain any and all thoughts that comes out of her jumbled mind.

Just kidding! It’s mostly going to contain:

  • Reviews of Books (primarily), Movies and Games
  • Some of her Artworks and Sketches
  • Obsessive thoughts about her favorite fictional characters
  • Her pitiful attempts at Creative Writing
  • Some random nagging thoughts

What can you tell us about Rona?

Rona, code-named rojeru, is a freelance artist and a frustrated writer. She loves to hoard books whenever she could and she loves watching cat videos in the internet.

A casual gamer and a self-proclaimed goddess, she also has grand delusions of developing her own game one day.

What is Rona usually up to?

When she isn’t busy with her day job, she’s either:

  • Brainstorming her story
  • Creating artworks
  • Practicing creative writing or polishing her art skills
  • Reading a book or watching a movie for ideas
  • Playing a game for inspiration

…Or moping about because she can’t decide which one of the above she’s going to do

Does Rona offer any services?

Rona offers Art Commissions for reasonable prices (she does have bills to pay, unfortunately). Please see the price list here.

She is also accepting Book Review Requests.

How do we contact Rona?

Rona would love to hear from you. If you need her services, have questions for her or simply want to leave a message, please use the contact form below:


Rona might not have a lot of free time but she would always try to respond as quickly as she can. Spam messages will be ignored though. Rona respectfully asks you not to spam her inbox. Thank you.

Does Rona have anything to say to her web audience?

Hello, welcome to my weblog! Though I created this blog mainly for my entertainment, I also created it to share the things I love. After all, as Austin Kleon said:

“Share what you love, and the people who love the same things will find you.”

So, if you managed to stay here longer than a few minutes, chances are we have something in common– whether it be love of art, books, games or cats. I hope you have fun during your time here and gain some new insights from my thoughts and endeavors.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by! ❤